Cloudflare and Free Speech

Cloudflare, even more so than other tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, has the capability to fight subjective hatred and injustice. That is, to limit free speech in accordance with the highly subjective viewpoints of its executives. A huge amount of web traffic flows through CF. It would be trivial to silence any voices that proliferate truly despicable hate speech and/or offend the easily-offended sensibilities of the cry-baby left.

To Cloudflare’s great credit – unlike other, mostly ultra-left web corporations – they have proven remarkably reluctant to do so.

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Cloudflare Firewall Rules

Cloudflare announced the introduction of firewall rules on October 3, 2018. Surprisingly, five firewall rules are even provided on the free plan. By comparison the Pro plan provides 20 firewall rules. Unlike Page Rules, additional firewall rules can *not* be purchased. I get five, that’s it – but as we will see a single firewall rule can do a bunch of different stuff provided that the final action is the same. Pretty generous of CF, I think, seeing as I use only their free tier.

Cloudflare Firewall Rules

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Arrg! Me Pirate Form plugin be walkin the plank.

Shiver me timbers! Me favorite contact form plugin – Free and Simple Contact Form by Pirate Forms – be abandoning ship. Pirate Forms was acquired by WPForms, who are retiring my favorite contact form in favor of a migration path to their signature WPForms Lite. Either by remarkable coincidence or due to a wry sense of humor,  the scallywags at WPForms made the announcement on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

When a favorite plugin is lost at sea.

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WP is not ready for CSP

WP is not ready for CSPA Content Security Policy (CSP) relies on code headers to help prevent cross site scripting and other malware, providing a great addition to a layered security approach. I think of it as a reverse firewall. It tells browsers exactly what content should be accepted from my site. All other content – malware for example – should be rejected. So, it doesn’t exactly protect my site. But if my site gets infected, it can prevent the infection from spreading – possibly saving my reputation

A correct CSP is a really good thing, adding to interweb safety. So, why do almost no websites – something incredibly small like 1% of 1% – have a CSP? Partly because it is not very well known yet, but also because it is really complicated to create a correct one. It is much more likely that I will screw up my WP site and deliver false errors to my visitors than it is that my CSP will work properly.

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The greatest keyboard of all time

Having worked in IT since the mid-1980s, I have seen tremendous advances in technology. Everything has progressed consistently for the better by leaps and bounds. CPUs, monitors, networks, pointing devices, on and on. Year-by-year, decade-by-decade, everything is faster, cheaper, brighter, more capacity, more bandwidth, better everything in every way.

With one exception. The greatest keyboard ever made was the IBM Model M, introduced in 1984. By ‘greatest’ I mean the best keyboard ever mass-produced for the common people, even included standard with off-the-shelf PCs. There are expensive gaming keyboards, hand-crafted artsy perfumed keyboards, keyboards specially made to excel at a certain something, that no doubt have their merits. But for a run-of-the-mill everyday office keyboard for regular people, the M rules and it ain’t even close. Since the M, keyboards have gotten progressively worse – flimsier and mushier – over time.

the greatest keyboard of all time

The greatest keyboard ever made

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Pop-Ups are Depraved

There is a very special place in hell reserved for those who subject their website visitors to pop-ups. It is below the level of serial killers and just slightly above the level reserved for Hillary Clinton. Pop-ups are so viciously, fundamentally evil it would not surprise me to learn that Hillary herself invented them, perhaps with assistance from Internet-inventor and billionaire climate alarmist Al Gore.

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Images, Copyrights, and the Pixabay Plugin

Choosing images to use in my pages and posts can be a minefield. How do I steer clear of unintentional copyright infringement? I could pay for commercial images from a reputable supplier, but that would violate my guiding principal of not paying for web stuff when at all practical. My preference is to always use images that are verifiably public domain. When I can’t find or create an applicable public domain image I resort reluctantly to Creative Commons, though I cringe at the hypocritical requirements and restrictions.

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WP Accessibility

WP AccessibilityAn interest of mine, in addition to WP, is document accessibility. Over the years I’ve learned quite a bit about it, in particular relating to PDF files. My website on the topic is I know much less about web accessibility, just have never made it a focus of study since from an income perspective (another interest of mine) it seems to be well-covered by others. So, I got to wondering, how are my sites when it comes to WP accessibility?

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Do not go gentle into the GDPR

The GDPR – the grotesque deprecation of personal responsibility, the ultimate pinnacle of arrogant, tyrannical, despotic big nanny government – is effective as of the date of this post. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of your rights.

Do not go gentle into the GDPR

Also freedom to bear arms.
Apparently Norman Rockwell never illustrated that one. I bet it would have been cool.

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