Cloudflare Workers

In September 2017 Cloudflare introduced Workers, a new feature that deploys JavaScript code to Cloudflare’s edge. Six months later Workers became available on the free tier. Basically, Workers enables me to code my own new, unique, features into my instance of Cloudflare.

Of course I would need to be sufficiently skilled at coding JavaScript, which I am not. So, for me this is a possibility for the future.

Cloudflare offers a playground where I can test-drive Workers. Cloudflare also offers some example Workers and more examples. GitHub offers examples as well.

Not being skilled at JavaScript, I don’t really get Workers. It seems to offer limitless possibilities, but the examples that I’ve looked at – thinks like image hotlink protection, country blocking, changing the background color of a page, and changing a word on a page to another word – seem like overly complex ways of doing things that are quite easy to do another way. I may learn more about JavaScript and revisit this topic in the future.

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