More wrath of the great Google god

A few months ago the great Google god thundered wrath in my direction, declaring a portion of my innocuous website to be hate speech. Google demanded that I remove ads from Huckleberry Finn. I was amused that anyone would find Mark Twain’s masterpiece to be hateful, but I can understand why Google might not want its ads there, and I had no objection to removing them. In spite of my immediate compliance, Google wreaked terrible vengeance upon me, taking secret measures that destroyed 80% of my traffic and effectively demonetized my entire site.

Google god wrath redoux: Two days ago, I received another email from Google, this time claiming that my posting of Tom Sawyer constitutes illegal file sharing. This is obvious nonsense, as Tom Sawyer has been public domain for many decades.

the wrath of the great google god

This time there was at least an opportunity to appeal. I requested a review. A day later Google completed the review and confirmed that I am in fact a criminal engaged in illegal sharing of copyrighted material. I added a cartoon making fun of Google, appealed again, lost again. I’m guessing that Google’s ‘review’ is just pointing the same bot at the page, making the appeal process an utterly useless joke.

PirateSo not only am I a purveyor of hate, I am also a pirate, according to Google. Arrg.

Update: It turns out Google is not just being idiotic, but also shamelessly hypocritical. Google Books offers the exact same book for free online reading (not as well-done as mine). Dear Google: If I am a pirate what does that make you?

And Google Books also offers Huckleberry Finn for free online reading (again, not as well-done as mine). My posting of Huck Finn is hate speech so vile that Google felt compelled by moral decency to demonitize my entire site. Google’s posting of the exact same text is, in thier eyes, I suppose, a public service. This is nothing short of supremely arrogant, vicously self-rightous, bufoonishly evil hypocracy.

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