More wrath of the great Google god

A few months ago the great Google god thundered wrath in my direction, declaring a portion of my innocuous website to be hate speech. Google demanded that I remove ads from Huckleberry Finn. I was amused that anyone would find Mark Twain’s masterpiece to be hateful, but I can understand why Google might not want its ads there, and I had no objection to removing them. In spite of my immediate compliance, Google wreaked terrible vengeance upon me, taking secret measures that destroyed 80% of my traffic and effectively demonetized my entire site.

Google god wrath redoux: Two days ago, I received another email from Google, this time claiming that my posting of Tom Sawyer constitutes illegal file sharing. This is obvious nonsense, as Tom Sawyer has been public domain for many decades.

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Beware the wrath of the great Google god

Way back in 1999 I decided to enter the new millennium with a web presence. I got very lucky and registered, and posted public domain literature, including the great American classic Huckleberry Finn. Little did I know that many years later this seemingly innocuous act would bring the wrath of the Great Google God thundering down upon me.

Over time the site became – by my modest standards – reasonably popular, with over 200,000 page views in a good month. In 2006 I joined the Google Adsense program to monetize the site to a small degree.

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