by Gosh

Every once in a long while, the planets align just right or something, and luck falls remarkably in my favor. One example happened in late December 1999.

luck falls remarkably in my favor

Ever since I became aware of the Internet, I had coveted the domain name I had been using the byGosh moniker for various things since way before the Internet and just liked the name. But it was registered very early on. I was somewhat comforted that it was used for a real web site, not just parked or used for spam advertising. I checked every year or two in case it was dropped.

I happened to check on the day after Christmas 1999 – was available! It had been dropped and no one had picked it up yet. The timing was amazing. Network Solutions held a monopoly on domain name registration. Registering a domain name was a significant expense – over $200. The monopoly would end in a few days, on January 1, 2000, and upfront expense would drop substantially – to about $35 if memory serves. I could pounce on my dream domain name in spite of the expense, or I could wait a few days and save quite a few dollars at the risk of someone beating me to it. I pounced.

Immediately upon the new millennium, was registered. I am convinced that I got exceptionally lucky. For some reason, the owner of let the domain name drop. By sheer coincidence the cost of domain registration was about to decrease substantially – otherwise someone surely would have picked up the name. Had I waited for the price drop, I am convinced I had little chance of grabbing the name – someone would have beaten me to it.

I entered the new millennium a couple hundred bucks light in the wallet but with a web presence using the domain name I had always wanted. Yea me!

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