Net Neutrality Alarmism

There are reasonable points to be made on both sides of the Net Neutrality debate.  There is also net neutrality alarmism, lunatic fringe propaganda, and outright lies on both sides. I’d like to join the fun …

The Trump administration’s plan to end the Obama “Net Neutrality” regulations has apoplectic “the sky is falling” claims falling from the sky. Among the many outrageous predictions:

  • “Your Internet service provider (ISP) will be allowed to bundle websites just like they bundle television channels”
  • “It would prevent the emergence of new businesses”
  • “Pharmaceutical companies could also be able to block news of new cures and alternative, lower-priced medicines”
net neutrality alarmism
The Scream by artist Edvard Munch, illustrating leftest alarmism over Net Neutrality reform.

Really? No new businesses, no new medicines, mandatory pay-per-website plans? No evidence is offered for any of these crazy claims. In reality, the Internet worked just fine before Net Neutrality, with healthy competition preventing the above and other outrageous abuses. It will work just fine again after Net Neutrality is thankfully repealed. Net Neutrality has always been an excuse for big government over-regulation, and a solution for problems that exist only in the anti-capitalism imaginations of the far left.

the internet messenger
The Internet Messenger by Buky Schwartz, photo by Dr. Avishai Teicher, CC BY 2.5

There is also the argument that repealing Net Neutrality will risk abuse by big corporations. In fact, rampant abuse by Google, YouTube, and Facebook is rife in spite of, or perhaps because of, Net Neutrality. One example is the wrath of the great Google god. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are vehemently in favor of Net Neutrality because it stifles competition and empowers their abuses.  Add to that the extreme risks and abuses posed by big government over-reach.

And my favorite, most outrageous claim of all. The end of Net Neutrality …

  • “Could create a news environment filled with falsehoods and propaganda.”

Uh, no. CNN, MSNBC and others have already done that to monumental proportions, all while Net Neutrality was in full force.

Finally, the Obama Net Neutrality regulations strangle kittens. Yep. Puppies too. Also baby seals. Cute ones.

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Update: It turns out there were even more outrageous predictions from the extreme left mainstream media. The Internet would end completely. So, you are not reading this. It is not possible. The Internet ended on April 23, 2018 – at least according to the apoplectic media. The left is now seething (kind of like after the Presidential election) that none of their predictions came true. Freeing the Internet from the dictatorial control  and petty whims of arrogant big-nanny politicians, putting it back with the people where it belongs, had only positive consequences.

WPPOV supports freedom from Net Neutrality and the GDPR. The Internet of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.