ECL to GDPR: The arrogance and depravity of big nanny government

The impending European Union (EU) GDPR is deceptively titled the General Data Protection Regulation, but would be more honestly termed the Grotesque Deprecation of Personal Responsibility.
ECL to GDPRIt all started with the European Cookie Law (ECL), adopted by all EU countries in May 2011. The ECL boils down to this: If I own a website that could conceivably be accessed by anyone in any EU country – and that would be pretty much any website, anywhere in the world – I must by EU law get the permission of each and every user before deploying cookies.

Disregard that pretty much every website uses cookies.
Disregard that pretty much every Internet user knows this.
Disregard the logical conclusion that pretty much everyone who uses the Internet – which is pretty much everyone – has implicitly consented to cookies.

Enforceable? Of course not. Unless I have a physical or business presence in the EU, I am out of reach of these small-pond despots, protected by the Atlantic Ocean and the embattled but still standing (for now) U.S. Constitution.

Leaders of the WWI Central Powers

Europe continues its long history of depraved petty tyrant leadership.

I fully expected the EU elitists to eventually succumb to embarrassment at the utter absurdity of the ECL – as we Americans did in repealing nonsensical Net Neutrality. I greatly underestimated the arrogant ineptitude of EU leaders. The GDPR triples-down on the ECL, adding ludicrously burdensome requirements on all websites. But thankfully still unenforceable except against those misfortunate enough to have a physical or business presence in the EU. Sorry Hans.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Apparently it has been eradicated from Europe. If I don’t want cookies, I simply use my browser’s incognito mode. If I don’t want a site to collect my personal information, I refrain from typing it in. This is not hard to figure out.


I have always been more amused than troubled by the ECL, because it so clearly reveals how the petty tyrants view their own people. The leaders of the EU somehow concluded that their constituents are so helpless, so stupid, so utterly dependent on big nanny government, they must be re-educated and forced to opt-in to the most routine and mundane technology every time they visit any website. I expect to be even more amused by the draconian GDPR.

God bless the USA (at least under the current administration).

WPPOV supports freedom from Net Neutrality and the GDPR. The Internet of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.