Cloudflare and Free Speech

Cloudflare, even more so than other tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, has the capability to fight subjective hatred and injustice. That is, to limit free speech in accordance with the highly subjective viewpoints of its executives. A huge amount of web traffic flows through CF. It would be trivial to silence any voices that proliferate truly despicable hate speech and/or offend the easily-offended sensibilities of the cry-baby left.

To Cloudflare’s great credit – unlike other, mostly ultra-left web corporations – they have proven remarkably reluctant to do so.

Other web mega-corporations take an active approach to combating what they consider – sometimes based on their radical leftist ideology – to be hate speech. This includes deleting posts, banning users, and deprecating search rankings of sites that proliferate horribly hateful diatribe. But many relatively innocuous posts and websites – including one of minetwice – suffer from collateral damage. And pro-freedom, pro-America – that is to say, right wing – voices suffer by far a disproportionate amount of the collateral damage. Even some openly hateful websites get a free pass provided they are sufficiently liberal. CNN and MSNBC are just two of the more prominent examples.

CF appears to interpret the first amendment to the Constitution as is was intended, clearly prohibiting any “abridging the freedom of speech”. And this includes speech that I – and you, and CF, and pretty much everyone else – disagree vehemently with. Hateful, despicable voices – provided they do not violate U.S. law – are tolerated by CF. Good for CF! Not that I like hate-speech, I despise it as much as you do. But fundamental freedom requires that free speech – even hate speech – be allowed. To do otherwise would be to embark on an extremely slippery slope.

WPPOV supports freedom from Net Neutrality and the GDPR. The Internet of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.