Prank contact form emails

My first website, byGosh.comlaunched at the dawn of the millennium – features public domain literature. It includes all the classic stories for kids. I rewrote parts of many kid’s stories to remove the violence. Red Riding Hood is rescued by her grandmother who chases the wolf away with a broom, Jack returns the harp and lets the giant climb back up before cutting down the beanstalk, none of the three little pigs get eaten – even the wolf lives happily ever after, and so on.

Over time, the site became reasonably popular by my modest standards, especially the kids section. It gave me pleasure that my site was – in a small way – bringing the stories that I loved as a kid to today’s tykes. The popularity came to a spectacular, screeching, fiery halt at the end of August 2017, with Google’s libelous assertion that my innocuous site promotes racial hatred and violence, and engages in criminal copyright infringement.

I got kicked out of LeapSearch – which drove most of my traffic – and my pageviews plummeted.

Somehow, around December 2018 – through no effort of mine, I had given up – I got back into LeapSearch. Pageviews are again trending up. This is a welcome development. The new visitors are greatly appreciated.  It seems petty to complain about a relatively minor side effect of the site’s new popularity – but I won’t let that stop me.

One of the the things that LeapPad users – young kids – seem to enjoy is sending prank emails from my contact form. *Lots* of prank emails. Usually just a nonsense string of characters, or sometimes a mild word like ‘poop’.

Don’t let the feigned innocence fool you. This is the face of a serial prank emailer.

I put up with it for a while. Didn’t seem to be much I could do. Finally, I put a page in front of my contact page. The new page explains that under the Childhood Online Privacy Protection Act, I cannot accept emails from visitors under the age of 13. The language is mild, but mentions cops just enough – I hope – to put the fear of justice into the hearts of the mischievous tykes. Time will tell.

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