McAfee SiteAdvisor Rocks!

Big shout out to McAfee SiteAdvisor for quickly correcting their assessment of this site and one of my other sites.

McAfee SiteAdvisor rocks it like a wagon wheel!

A bit of background ….

While doing routine maintenance, I was astounded to find that this site and another site of mine were blacklisted by McAfee SiteAdvisor as being “Malicious”, “Very Dangerous”, and “High Risk”.

Yikes! My immediate concern was that the false accusations were intractable, as I have experienced twice before when falsely accused of malfeasance by the Great Google God. I googled and followed instructions to appeal the false McAfee findings. I expected the appeal process to be a long-delayed fake charade of just pointing the same bot at the site to arrive at the same conclusion – which apparently is Google’s methodology.

McAfee apparently had an actual human – or else a much smarter bot – almost immediately inspect my sites and correctly conclude they represent “Minimal Risk”. Yea McAfee!

Would it have been better if McAfee had not libeled my innocuous sites in the first place? Yep.

Should I be outraged that McAfee libeled my sites ? Nope. There is way too much ludicrous faux outrage as it is – bombarding us unmercifully. McAfee somehow made a mistake. It happens. What matters to me is McAfee – when alerted to the mistake, immediately corrected it – very different from Google.

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