Cloudflare page rule for blazing site speed

Cloudflare page rule for blazing site speedCloudflare, even the free tier, improves my site speed and security – so much so that I use it for all my sites. The default settings boost site speed by global distributed caching of static content. Static content, by Cloudflare’s definition, excludes HTML. This makes sense for dynamic sites with frequent new posts and user comments. For my sites like this one, that have less frequent new posts and do not allow user comments or other dynamic content, I can dramatically increase site speed using a page rule.

The free tier gives me three page rules, and I need the first two for login security. The third – and order is important, it needs to be after my login security rules – supercharges my site speed.

Cloudflare page rules for login security

Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month

Kinda obvious but worth stating – replace “” with your site URL. With this setting, HTML is globally cached along with ‘static’ content.

Example speed tests using

1. Baseline site, Cloudflare paused – my web host is already pretty speedy, Faster than 64% of tested sites:

Site speed check baseline

2. Cloudflare using default cache settings – Faster than 88% of tested sites:

Speed test, Cloudflare default setttings

3. Cloudflare using blazing fast page rule – Faster than 99% of tested sites:

Site speed test blazing fast
For my relatively static sites I use the blazing fast page rule and no caching plugin. For my dynamic sites, I use the Cloudflare default cache settings pared with the excellent Comet Cache plugin.

Update: My host uses LiteSpeed web server. I switched from the excellent Comet Cache to the even more excellent – if hosted on LiteSpeed – LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

Site speed has many variables, some of which I can’t influence, and the variability is reflected in pingdom test results at different times. I don’t always hit 99%, but I am tickled when I do.

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