403 Text String

If my site gets attacked, it could serve up a lot of 403-Forbidden error pages, which would use a lot of resources, slowing my site or even bringing it down. For 404-Not Found errors, I want to serve a friendly helpful page that fits in with the look and feel of my site. Legitimate visitors should rarely if ever encounter a 403-Forbidden error though, so I prefer to politely limit resource use to the extent practical.  My solution is a custom 403 text string, using the following line at the beginning of my .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 403 "403: Sorry, not permitted."

A user who encounters a 403 error will see a simple text message in his or her browser, similar to the following image.

Custom 403 text string

Serving a simple text string requires far fewer resources in comparison to a php or html page.

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