Essential Plugins

which popular, free WP plugins are essentialThis is my point of view on which popular, free WP plugins are essential for me. Choice of plugins is dependent on the needed functionality as well as personal preference. There is no list of essential plugins that is right for everyone. In general I try to limit my number of plugins, and use only those that I very much need.

That being said, most sites benefit – or would benefit – from some sort of …

Other plugins that are essential for me:

  • Akismet for spam avoidance – only on sites that permit user comments.
  • Menu Icons for adding, well, you know.
  • Meta Slider for adding visual interest to an otherwise boring page.
  • Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll to keep my site logo and Top of Page link on screen.
  • WP Mail SMTP because my host turns off PHP mail (Update: Switched hosts. Switched back to PHP mail for now.)

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