Death to Sliders?


Death to WP slider plugins? I find a lot of support for the sentiment among WP experts:

The slider detractors’ arguments include:

  • Sliders can be slow loading, degrading my site speed
  • Sliders used to cram a bunch of content into a small space degrade my SEO
  • Sliders used to rotate ads are just annoying
  • Sliders have a poor click-through rate
  • Sliders are so last week. All the trendy sites have moved on to the next groovy new design fad

OK, but slider detractors get it only partly right. Sliders, like any design element, can be misused. If I misuse any design element I should not be surprised that I get poor results. But the blame is on me, not on the design element. I should not use a slider to cram in rotating content, or to bombard my users with multiple ads, or in some misguided attempt at generating click-throughs or being trendy.

For design dolts like me, a slider can add visual interest to an otherwise dull page. Also, people with way more creativity than me use sliders very effectively, for example a slide show of an artist’s portfolio. A well coded slider, like the popular free Meta Slider, has minimal impact on page load time.

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