Why WP?

With all the available choices of web development tools, why WP? The web is already rife with comparisons of WP and its competitors. No need for me to add to the clutter. Just sharing my point of view …

In another post I share my experience in establishing my first – and by far my largest – web site, byGosh.com. Its genesis corresponded to the start of the new millennium. At the time, Microsoft FrontPage was very popular, and I had access to it through my employer, so I used that. FrontPage was much maligned by web elitists, but it worked great for me. Its intuitive WYSIWYG editor is still my favorite of all that I’ve used.

Why WP?

In 2006 Microsoft discontinued support for FrontPage. My employer switched to DreamWeaver and I followed suit for new projects, but I still had to maintain a FrontPage site that had grown pretty massive. For that, I used Microsoft’s new Expression Web. Really liked DeamWeaver, not so much Expression Web but it did what I needed.

Over time, my site became more and more dated, badly in need of a major refresh. I had switched employers and no longer had access to DreamWeaver  – or any other commercial software. I needed something new. Fortunately, times had changed and there was a plethora of free choices. My boss at the time used both WP and Joomla and favored the latter. The software developer in me was shocked at the idea of developing and testing in a production environment, so I set up XAMPP and test-drove Joomla. Never warmed to it. It seemed to have two separate admin dashboards, and whichever one I was using at any given time, whatever feature I needed was in the other one.

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Next, I tried WP and was immediately smitten. It has a gradual learning curve so I could start getting things done relatively quickly. It offers tons of free plugins and themes and free support through the WP forums. This was the tool for me. Refreshing byGosh during my meager spare time took a few months. I was pleased with the results and never looked back. Since then I use WP for all my web work. Keeping a separate dev/test environment eventually became too much of a pain though. I reluctantly embraced the bad practice followed by most WP users of developing and testing right in production.

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