Optimizing the WP Database

Optimizing the WP databaseEvery time I edit a post or page, WP keeps a copy of the old version in my database. It is a great feature, handy when I mess up and need to revert to the previous version. But once my post or page is final, I have no use for the prior revisions. By default, WP keeps all the old versions, forever, and they can add up over time. I recently checked one of my sites and was surprised to find 3,566 useless old pages cluttering up my database. A large, cluttered database slows my site, as the server takes longer to retrieve information.

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Keys and Salts

change my WP keys and saltsWordPress uses a cookie to keep track of my login state. While the technical details are a bit out of my comfort zone, if an attacker gets his or her hands on or forges my admin authentication cookie, he or she could take over my admin role and cause a great deal of mischief.

I can easily make my authentication cookie much more secure using keys and salts stored in my wp-config.php file. Google can easily find details and instructions in a number of articles, including All You Need To Know On the WordPress Unique Authentication Keys and Salts.

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