Danger, Will Robinson!

I use Cloudflare page rules to keep bad bots completely off my login screen and admin area. And they have always done a great job. Until recently. Now – Danger, Will Robinson! – bad bots are waltzing merrily past my precautions and attempting to login, or creating bogus subscriber accounts.

Danger, Will Robinson!

The bad bot battle is kinda like cold war espionage. The black hats devise hacks, the white hats develop counter-measures, the black hats concoct new hacks and counter-counter-measures, and on and on and on. For the moment – at least in this situation – the black hats seem to have the upper hand.

The pendulum is sure to swing back toward the white hats. After all, for the careful webmaster the white hats generally have the upper hand. Though there are exceptions enough to keep my guard up. I’ve been using Cloudflare for – well, I can’t remember exactly how long – but more than five years. Only in the last few weeks have I seen bots slipping through my page rules.

So, for now … gotta put recaptchas on login, subscriber, and comment screens. Didn’t want to go there. Didn’t think I would have to. Recaptchas are kinda annoying, but the least obtrusive remedy I know of. Curse you, bad bots!

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