WordPress Lives!

Any question of the demise, or even decline, of WP due to the inexplicably clumsy imposition of the block editor has been resoundingly answered with a thunderous “nope”. WP continues to thrive. In fact, WP just passed a huge milestone – it now powers over one-third of the web!  From about 13% in January 2011, WP use has grown steadily to 33.4% to start 2019. Non-CMS share of the web has correspondingly plummeted, from over 75% in January 2011 to less than 50% today.

The trends appear intractable, so much so that I will make a foolishly reckless prediction – WP web share will surpass non-CMS before the end of calendar year 2019, U.S. Pacific time.

And, what the heck, I’ll make another. WP web share will surpass 50% before the end of the second Trump administration.

While WP use dwarfs all other CMS, gotta give a tip of the cap to Joomla and Droopal. They are both hanging in there, with comparatively tiny but steady web share numbers. Kinda the definition of pluckiness right there.

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