Space Alien Technology and WordPress

Update (August 2, 2019):  In case it is not obvious – this post is a joke!  To the best of my knowledge – and I have a high level of confidence about this – no space aliens are being held captive at Area 51. Please do not storm area 51 based on this post.

WordPress is awesome but could it be even better by incorporating space alien technology? Of course it could.

What would be better? Impossible to say, given the scandalous government cover-up of the technologies discovered at Roswell and currently being held secret at Area 51 in Nevada.

With the addition of space alien technology, perhaps WordPress could transport a user who types ‘Alt U’ into an alternate universe. Perhaps WordPress could provide a cure for tire wear, or body odor, or gravity. Perhaps WordPress could stem the ongoing avalanche of malicious stupidity from the radically anti-American mainstream left wing extremist ‘journalists’.

That last is probably too much to hope for. But how will we know unless we try?

Our opportunity will come on September 20, 2019. We will meet at the Space Alien Visitors Center located in the most desolate part of a desolate place called ‘Nevada’. We will run with our hands behind us, Naruto style, so that we cannot possibly be caught. We will find and free the space aliens being held captive. And we will learn their secrets.

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