Maintenance Checklist

WP maintenance checklistI use a checklist to remind myself of the various tasks to perform during periodic WP site maintenance. For me monthly seems about right for these tasks. A very active site would benefit from more frequent maintenance.

  1. From my website: Send a test email from my Contact form
  2. From my Admin Dashboard:
    1. Backup the site.  I use UpdraftPlus, set to auto-backup once per month to Google Drive.
    2. Update WP, Themes, and Plugins if updates are available, and if auto-update did not already take place.
  3. In cPanel:
    1. Run the virus scanner
    2. Check resource use
    3. Check the error log
  4. Check for broken links using
  5. Check for malware using the free online services sucuri sitecheck and quttera
  6. For trend analysis:
    1. Check and record pingdom site speed test results
    2. Check and record number of pageviews in the last 30 days, using Google Analytics

Additional annual tasks (I do these around my birthday each year):

  1. Optimize the database (LiteSpeed Cache plugin includes this functionality. The very popular WP-Optimize works great too.)
  2. Update authentication keys and salts
  3. Change all my passwords associated with the site.
  4. If any plugin has not been updated for about 18 months or more, look for a replacement

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