Greetings byGosh

Greetings byGosh is my initial attempt to build experience in WP development, and my first plugin to be accepted into the official WP repository.

Greetings byGosh is a free plugin that supplements the standard greeting “Howdy” in the WordPress admin dashboard. The initial version displays a random greeting from around the world – the equivalent of “Hello” in 14 different languages. “Howdy” is also included in the rotation because I am fond of it, it just gets a little monotonous on its own.

The greetings …

  • American slang: Howdy
  • Arabic: Marhabaan
  • Bengali: Hyālō
  • English: Hello
  • French: Bonjour
  • Hausa: Sannu
  • Hawaiian: Aloha
  • Hindi: Namaste
  • Japanese: Kon’nichiwa
  • Malaysian: Helo
  • Mandarin Chinese: Nǐ hǎo
  • Portuguese: Olá
  • Punjabi: Sata srī akāla
  • Russian: Privet
  • Spanish: Hola

In a planned future version the list of greetings will be editable – you will be able to add to it, subtract from it, or change it out completely. For example you might prefer funny or inspirational sayings instead of greetings.

I am just starting to gain experience in WP development, so I’m taking this a step at a time with no specific timeline for completion.

Greetings byGosh was inspired by TM Replace Howdy, which I enjoyed but is no longer maintained.

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